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            Secretary General of the City of Skopje

       1. Financial Affairs Department

  • Budget coordination unit
  • Budget control unit
  • Accounting and payments unit
  • Unit for collecting real property turnover tax and inheritance and gift tax
  • Unit for determining and collecting property tax
  • Unit for determining and collecting taxes, fees and other levies
  • Unit for material-financial accounting

       2. Legal Affairs Department

  • Legal normative unit
  • Legal protection unit
  • Unit for support of the Council of the City of Skopje and the Coordinative Body of Mayors
     3. Local Economic Development Department
  • Unit for planning of local economic development
  • Unit for craftsmanship, catering and trade
  • Tourism unit
       4. Spatial Planning and Organization Department  
  • Unit for spatial and urban planning
  • Unit for organization of construction land
  • Unit for construction of infrastructural and capital facilities
  • Unit for preparatory works, real estate and real estate expropriation procedure
  • Unit for commercial (capital) facilities
  • Unit for technical documentation
  • Unit for property and legal affairs
  • Unit for urban equipment
       5. Communal Affairs Department
  • Unit for communal works in the area of water supply and urban wastewater disposal
  • Unit for communal works in the area of communal hygiene
  • Unit for communal works in the area of operation exploitation and management of parks and greenery
  • Unit for other communal affairs
       6. Traffic Department
  • Unit for traffic planning and development
  • Unit for traffic signalization control and determinated traffic regimes
  • Unit for issuing traffic permits and licenses
        7. Public Activities Department
  • Sports unit
  • Culture unit
  • Unit for social security, child and health protection
        8. Nature and Environment Protection Department
  • Unit for environmental air quality, protection from noise and non-ionizing radiation
  • Unit for protection and prevention from water and soil pollution and preservation of nature
        9. Department for International Cooperation and Cooperation with NGO’s and Foundations International cooperation unit
  • Unit for support and cooperation with NGO’s and Foundations
  • Unit for European Integration
     10. Information Technology and Modernization Department
  • Unit for development of the information system (IS) in the City of Skopje
  • Unit for geographic information system (GIS)
  • Unit for information-communication infrastructure
     11. Department  for Support of the Mayor
  • Unit for coordination of the Mayor’s activities
  • Public relations and citizen information unit
     12. General Affairs Department
  • Human resources unit
  • Public procurements unit
  • Unit for expert and professional-administrative affairs
  • Auxiliary affairs unit
     13. Department of the Inspectorate of the City of Skopje
  • Communal inspection unit
  • Roads and road traffic inspection unit
  • Unit for tax inspection and inspection of collected communal and other taxes
  • Unit for inspection supervision over the activities of other competencies of the City of Skopje
  • Communal ushers department
      14. Internal Audit Department
  • Unit for internal audit of the administration of the City of Skopje
  • Unit for internal audit of the public enterprises established by the City of Skopje
  • Unit for internal audit of the public institutions established by the City of Skopje
     15. Education Department
  • Education Unit
  • Support Unit
      16. Territorial Fire Brigade of the City of Skopje 
  • Center “Avtokomanda”
  • Sub-center “Gjorche Petrov”
  • Sub-center “Bit Pazar”
  • Sub-center “Taftalidze”
  • Sub-center "Drachevo"

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